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With the ALOG Corporate Cloud you enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without the disadvantages of using a public cloud. Your company determines the size of the IT infrastructure according to your needs, in a private or shared structure only with other companies.


Because it is focused on the corporate market, we provide advisory sale by studying your needs and proposing a project. The review process is exactly the same as we adopt for the Colocation and Hosting projects of physical servers.


The ALOG Corporate Cloud is 100% customizable and can integrate with the existing physical environment, be it hosting and / or colocation, with the flexibility and securityalready recognized by the market.  


Size: 3.7 mb



Despite the obvious advantages of working with cloud computing, some managers still feel insecure about this technology. If we consider public cloud solutions and focus on retail, this concern actually makes sense.

The public cloud shares a physical structure with users of all kinds. With most market players, there isn’t a contract with clear SLA rules and it is not known where exactly your data is being saved. In addition, the platforms are hampered and focused on Internet access, making it difficult to integrate with existing structures.

At ALOG everything is different. We always work with flexible projects, focused on meeting the requirements of the corporate market. It’s possible to build your fully customized environment, including the inclusion of resources in physical servers and in the cloud. You can use our robust structure, in a Shared Cloud with other corporate clients, or build your own server area in a private cloud.

With ALOG Corporate Cloud your data is safe. Count on the security and stabilityguaranteed upon contract signature, that you already know from our physical servers.

  Public Cloud Shared
Cloud ALOG
Cloud ALOG
Shared Infrastruture YES. All kinds of users YES. Yes, with other corporate clients. NO
Target Public Professionals, small businesses Medium and large companies Medium and large companies
Type of Sales Online Advisory with account manager Advisory with account manager
Project areas for solution customization NO YES YES
Level of customization Very Low High Very High
Serviços de gerenciamento do servidor virtual Básico Completo Completo
Management Services of Virtual Server Basic Full Full
Intregration with environments already in operation. Limited Yes Yes
Add services already offered by ALOG for the virtual server: Backup, GSLB, Storage, Exchange, E-mail Total, Load Balance, gerenciamento. NO YES YES


The technological concepts that support Cloud Computing are grid computing and server virtualization. Robust equipment operate together and form a cluster of servers. On top of that platform, a virtualization layer is inserted which is capable of slicing this structure and deliver multiple completely independent servers.

This approach has a number of advantages. Your machine in the cloud is disconnected from the hardware below it. A fault in one of the physical servers that is part of the cluster will not result in a drop in your environment. Migrations from your server in the cloud between a cluster of servers and another, also occur in a smooth and transparent fashion to your applications.

With this hardware independence, it is possible to create servers with the exact size of your needs, facilitating the isolation of applications on servers. Therefore, it avoids the waste of resources, generating less hardware use, physical space, power and cooling. This is exactly why Cloud Computing is one of the basic pillars of Green IT.

The easiness to create virtual machines also results in a greater agility, both for the activation of the new servers and for the resizing the current ones. There is no need to buy new servers, fit machines in the racks, cabling and power. All is needed is the configuration of the existing structure. You can start with a small structure and expand slowly.

“i9 has chosen the ALOG Shared Cloud because we believe that is the only Brazilian corporate cloud prepared to manage critical mission of applications, such as ERPs. Currently, our company uses the ALOG’s corporate solution for internal systems and projects for our clients. We know that the infrastructure is available in Brazil, it was born certified in the SAS70 Type II (SOX Compliance) and can be easily integrated into environments already in place.”

Alexandre Marques and Leonardo Orsi, 
Commercial Director and Operating Director at i9 
Pioneer in implementing Dynamics AX solutions in Brazil.


• Reduce substantially costs with hardware, software and basic infrastructure;

• Less basic infrastructure – you can reduce your enviroment up to 10 times;

• Lower cost of a data center – less space, power and cooling;

• Increased productivity, flexibility and response – do more with the same resources;

• Increase or decrease your resources quickly and as often as you need without high investments;

• Faster Implementation;

• Safety, enterprise environment ensuring isolation and protection of virtual machines;

• Integration -> Colocation + Hosting + Cloud + portfolio of ALOG 100% integrable;

• 100% Brazilian -> know exactly where your cloud is to follow by the Customer Portal;

• 100% SOX compliance -> your cloud is born in a SAS70 Type II certified structure;

• Availability guaranteed by contract;

• Unconditional Support -> count on a highly specialized technical team to plan and conduct your migration.






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