Maplink e Apontador

Part of the Local LBS Group since 2008, Apontador, leading company in location search in Brazil and Maplink, an API geo-localization platform, have chosen ALOG to host their IT infrastructure. The companies, that have more than 17 million daily visitors, were searching for less latency in their internet connection to ensure a better browsing experience to their clients. Apart from reaching this objective, the companies have reduced their IT infrastructure costs by approximately 30% with ALOG.


With more than 10 operators connected to the company in Brazil and 350 more with Equinix, ALOG maintains its carrier neutral position and ensures the best connectivity and bandwidth quality in the market. “Both Apontador and Maplink offer services that involve information being broadcast in real time and that’s why availability is an essential issue to keep our core business running”, says Rafael Siqueira, CTO of the Local LBS Group. “With ALOG, we have managed to reduce latency via point-to-point link connections. The data center in Tamboré – where we are hosted – is a Tier III, certification that confirms its functioning capacity 99,982% of the time during the year. Connectivity is therefore guaranteed even when there is a seasonal peak in the number of accesses, for example”, he adds.


“Data traffic at Apontador and Maplink – a volume of approximately 40 terabytes per month – is significant and demands a robust infrastructure and one with a high redundancy level”, explains Rodrigo Guerrero, ALOG’s Commercial director. “Our plants follow international standards with the reliability necessary to operate uninterruptedly these mission critical environments. Apart from this, both companies have a flexible environment to ensure connection in case there’s an increase in the bandwidth required”, he adds.


One every five Brazilians who access the internet every day use Apontador for some type of service. In 2008, the company entered the mobile market and since then has been developing applications available for different platforms. Maplink on the other hand, has the biggest real time traffic coverage in Brazil and also offers geo-marketing solutions and support tools for logistics control. Since 2008, both companies are part of the Local LBS Group, market leader in various sectors such as geo-localization, local search, traffic information, mapping and routes, collective purchasing and real estate.


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