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American multinational corporation Highwinds, that delivers content, network and cloud-based IP services, has chosen Alog Data Centers do Brasil to outsource part of its IT infrastructure. The company aims to establish a new point of presence in Brazil, in addition to search for new business opportunities from Alog ecosystem – one of the main providers of IT services in the country.

“We needed an additional redundancy point and Alog was the best choice. First, because it’s a neutral data center, a prior matter in order to ensure flexibility, preserve our competitive edge and allow the high availability of our services; and also because it is part of global Equinix Platform, what we already know and use around the world”, says Marco Medugno, Highwinds Director for Latam and Caribe. “Furthermore, we think the ecosystem concept is very interesting as we can contact potential customers and make business easier with it”, he says.


Highwinds environment consists of Collocation cabinets incrase redundancy of the company’s services. “We don’t want that our partners make business only with us, but also between them. That is why it is important to have CDN services, IP traffic, transportation and other cloud based services supplier in our ecosystem”, says Rodrigo Guerrero, Alog Director. “Therefore, in addition to assure the security and availability of our solutions, we can help Highwinds to increase its participation in Brazil”, he adds.


Highwinds delivers a wide range of solutions, including content distribution, storage, analytics and cloud-based IP services. Its goal is offer content providers the possibility to deliver the best experience ever to digital media consumers.


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